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Mission Statement

New York City Marriage and Family Therapy (NYCMFT), PLLC, provides therapy and evaluation services. We also offer cognitive and memory enhancement training, as well as NYS approved continuing education to mental health practitioners.  We are licensed marriage & family therapists (LMFTs) who use an integrative approach to assist clients.

Our purpose is aimed at:
• Transforming the counseling profession to meet the biopsychosocial needs of individuals, couples, and families.
• Incorporating a mindfulness-based perspective for assisting individuals, couples, and families.
• Assisting individuals and couples in the development of interpersonal skills which strengthen relationships.


In 2012, after successfully completing 20 years of service with the New York City Police Department, Deborah retired and started her counseling practice specializing in couples and family therapy. Abruptly, her practice expanded and grew from treating couples, to treating individuals with depression, anxiety as well as conducting clinical evaluations. As her practice grew, Deborah noticed a connection between a client’s quality of life and physical well-being. This was the birth of Deborah’s passion—to return back to school to learn all that she could about the brain—behavior relationship.

Returning back to school offered Deborah an opportunity to further her postgraduate studies in neuropsychology, psychoneuroimmunology, and neuroplasticity.

After receiving a post-graduate certificate in neuropsychology, she wanted to transform her practice to another level. NYCMFT offers an integrated approach to assisting clients. NYCMFT uses traditional psychotherapy methods along with neuropsychology to assist clients in creating profound emotional and behavioral change. NYCMFT is the leading authority in providing brain—behavior based techniques to assist individuals, couples, and families.

NYCMFT is unique in that it provides a range of client services from therapy, memory enhancement training, to psychological evaluations. On staff, we have a compassionate, dynamic psychoanalyst who incorporates psychoanalytic and neuropsychology approaches when working with clients.

We are excited about NYCMFT’s future, and look forward to working with you in training your mind to think differently.
~Deborah C. Moore, Founder of NYCMFT

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